With the above thought, AOBS India was incorporated in 2019 and is headquartered at Mumbai. It is a collaborated venture of the founders and American Organic and Biotic Solutions LLC, USA in order to bring out the latter’s research and recipe of biotic, organic and healthy solutions into viable food products.

AOBS India has launched a plethora of biotic, organic and healthy food products under the brand “The Nature’s”. The Nature’s aims to keep your mind, body and soul fit and sound by helping you adopt these healthy food products as part of your lifestyle.
The principle is simple! Let’s adopt healthy today for better health tomorrow.

TheNature’s care for you!
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Deepak Ahuja

Deepak is a qualified Chartered Accountant having 8 years of rich experience in providing advisory services to Corporates.

Anjali Tanwani

Anjali is a commerce graduate with 7 years of experience in Banking & Treasury function.