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CALMBUCHA - India's best selling Kombucha.

CalmBucha (Kombucha) is fermented Refreshing, Fizzy and Delicious sparkling probiotic beverage. Helps with Blood pressure, Diabetes, Immunity booster, Digestion, Weight-loss and more. CalmBucha is INDIA’s first All-in-one drink.🇮🇳

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Health benefits of Calmbucha

Trusted by over 10,000+ Customers

  • STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM - Tea-Polyphenols , Probiotics , Antioxidants, Green tea extracts helps in strengthening Immune system.
  • IMPROVES GUT HEALTH - Probiotics present in the CalmBucha helps in improving the Gut health. Helps in proper functioning of GUT.
  • HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS - Tea-Polyphenols and Green Tea extracts present in the CalmBucha helps in loosing weight naturally. No Workout & Exercise required.
  • ENHANCES DIGESTION - CalmBucha with all the natural Ingredients helps in proper Digestion in the Body. It works better than medicines
  • REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE - Green tea extracts and Tea polyphenols helps in Regulating Blood pressure. 97% CamlBucha users gave positive feedback about it.
  • ELIMINATES HEART DISEASE - Contains “good” HDL cholesterol that helps in reducing heart attack risk.
  • MANAGE DIABETES - CalmBucha helps in managing type-2 diabetes. CalmBucha is All-in-One health drink.

Calmbucha helped more than thousands to live a Healthy life.

Here are some of their testimonials


Before trying Calmbucha I had a thousand questions in mind. Will it work? how is it gonna taste? Is it safe to drink? But after drinking it for some 15 days, I felt a little lighter. My days went smooth and I wasn't feeling as tired as I used to be. I never thought it would work but now I am a firm believer in Calmbucha and will recommend it to everyone! It's magical!

Kapil mathur


I had a frustrating stomach problem. And I had to struggle every morning before going to the office. But after trying Calmbucha I witnessed some drastic changes in my body. My energy level got boosted. My gut felt a little stronger and now I don't have any stomach issues left. I feel smooth and relieved every morning only because of this unique drink called Calmbucha.

Shruti (Mumbai)


First time I have tried Calmbucha. Loved the taste, size of the bottle and that it really did help my gut feel better. Started this Sunday it does give me energy and has curbed my appetite drastically. I love this so much. Highly recommend it and as a woman with diabetes 2, it's not affecting my numbers negatively. Also helps in maintaining my blood sugar levels on daily basis.

Chef Bhagyashree


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30 Day calmbucha challenge

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✔ Better Immnunity
✔ Less risk of Corona

(Pack of 29 Bottles)

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Calmbucha powered by plants with thousands of virtues! Very few people know these ingredients:







Customers reviews

They started their healthy lifestyle with Calmbucha now its your turn

"This Indian Army guy finally speaks about Calmbucha after 14 days of use."

"Nitesh Gidwani trusts Calmbucha to get rid of problem like Diabetes, Blood pressure & Cholesterol."


Takes you kind of by surprise, but packs a healthful punch to your digestive system, as well as gives you a burst of energy. Helps in a lot of health related issues. As I am buying from the past 2 months with them. The quality and packing is best.

Ravi (Mumbai)


Finally a high performance Kombucha that deliver results. I was introduces to Calmbucha by a colleague who spoke highly of its benefits as well as safe alternative to my anxiety medication. I decided to give it a shot since then become a major advocate of its benefits. It helped me sleep better, wake up refreshed and power through my day. I am anxiety free thanks to Calmbucha.

Nitish (Mumbai)


Life changing drink for me. Tons of antibiotics that I hated taking because of the aide effects, then I tried tons of vitamin regimes, also a headache and so now I am drinking Calmbucha twice a day. You know casually in the morning and then sometime before I go to bed, OMG the relief bring me to tears.

Shreya (Mumbai)

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